At: Brass, Avenue Van Volxemlaan 264, 1190 Brussel (next to Wiels)
April, 18-21, 2013

“Echange” took place in the framework of Poppositions, a pop-up fair taking place during the same period as Art Brussels and located at Brass, a cultural centre housed in the same complex as the Wiels Contemporary Art Centre.

“Echange” questions the art market and the trade of art in a playful manner.  The artists approached the shops around Wiels with one of their artworks and offered to exchange it for a few weeks in return for an object the shopkeeper attaches value to. There were 24 artists participating in the project comprising varied artworks including paintings, drawings, video installations, photographs, and performance.

Thus, we didn’t show the artwork in the exhibition but the exchanged objects that the merchants in the neighborhood offered. These objects act as a mirror for the world around Wiels. The participating artists explore how their artwork functions in different contexts. For a moment they put their egos aside and show their work in a less prestigious place where it is hopefully not stripped of all magic but new ways of experiencing it may arise.

From April, 18 to 21 2013, you could view the objects in Brass, as well as a video documentation on the exchange between the artists and the local shopkeepers. If you wanted to see the “real” art, you needed to enter the streets, the baker, the teahouse, the hairdresser or the butcher.

Bart Van Dijck
Gery De Smet
Hala Elias
Koen Broucke
Lieven Segers
Thé van Bergen
Shuxian Lee
Karl Mechnig
Annemie Augustijns
Delphine Lebon
Kristof Van Heeschvelde
Debby Huysmans
Annelies de Mey
Cristian Bors and Marius Ritiu
Elisabeth Ida
Maaike Leyn


Elisabeth Ida exchanges her photo’s of Benidorm for the first hairdryer of Eric the hairdresser.


Koen Broucke exchanges a painting at “Boucherie Etienne”.


This is what Karl Mechnig got for his drawing.


Thé van Bergen got a bathset from the plumper in exchange for his painting of a bathing girl.


Gery De Smet thinking if the mosque is the best place to exchange the painting of his daughter.


Nicoline van Stapele at the drivingschool.

bakery 3

Shuxian Lee exchanging drawings for drawings in the Portugese bakery.

Peter Weidenbaum wisselt zijn bronzen sanseveria voor een kapperskop

Peter Weidenbaum exchanging his sanseveria for a hairdresser’s head.

Annelies de Mey exchanging photo’s in “café de la sollidarité” for newspapers from the beginning of the 20th century.

Film: Christina Stuhlberger, David Denil, Svend Thomsen, Idea and realisation: Maaike Leyn, Lay-out: Shuxian Lee
This is a project of Prestige